Sunday, April 26, 2009



Now a days it has been observed that there is a astonishing increase of students under the stream of non medical in comparison to other streams. Is it a coincidence that lakhs of students have the same view and aim , to become an engineer , if u ask me I would say certainly no. it can be a choice of few thousands , due to lack of streams, but not lakhs. It is so because many of them are forced to join b their parents. If you ask the parents they would say it is entirely the choice of their wards as they are to chose their career. But if someone asks them , that then why did they make their children aware about the achievements of their nephew & niece or the neighbors son doing job in a multi national company, earning 15 lakh a month as soon as class 11 approaches their children (why??). they will surely would not have an answer to this.

Now I would to tell you some of the problems faced by students :

1) They have no confidence left in themselves or they are betrayed from the right path.

2) Their brain creates a havoc inside as their career is at stake .

3) The tension for the parents and the money which they spent .

4) Lacking the joy in studies .

The other you might knowing [those who have passed or doing class12]

But for others who are still to decide what to do after class 10 please :

1) Think carefully of your future.

2) The interest in things you have.

3) Talk from the seniors who have cleared & also tell them you want real help from them.

4) Ask from yourself that can you do it and not you will be able to do if you change.

By ------ LOCUST